Happy Castle Doctrine Day!

Well, at least that’s what we hope to be saying by the end of the evening. The House comes into session at 1pm, and, according to John Micek, that means we might start to see some action on various legislation late this afternoon.

He also talks about the House Democratic leadership votes slated for tomorrow. It appears an NRA A-rated incumbent is likely to be Minority Leader, and that’s a nice perk even though the GOP won the House for the next term. For Democratic Whip, there’s another friend to gun rights running against 3 strong anti-gunners. That ain’t so good news.

I hope that all Pennsylvania gun owners learned why party leadership positions can make a difference in a vote. One man held up Castle Doctrine for months. The good news is that he’s being challenged from within his party by a pro-gun Democrat for the leadership position on his committee. While the Republicans will hold a bigger lead in the House next term than the Democrats currently have, we will still need the votes of pro-gun Democrats to defeat anti-gun amendments and to make up for any slacking anti-rights Republicans who might have slipped through. Even under one party rule, we can’t let this become a partisan issue.

One thought on “Happy Castle Doctrine Day!”

  1. Agreed; it will be good to have a Majority and Minority leader which support the RKBA. Let’s hope the committee Chairmen are as supportive, and let’s hope it stays that way even if/when the Democrats return to the Majority.

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