Came back to work today to find a significant staff reduction had occurred while I was away in Harrisburg. Fortunately, I was not among them. Having exhausted my queue from being away from the computer all day yesterday, and most of Monday, I had nothing for this morning. Posts will be coming shortly.

If You Talk to Them, Your Grade Goes Up

It’s very telling that the anti-gun group in Pennsylvania is giving out positive grades for nothing more than acknowledging their existence. Sam Rohrer was willing to talk to CeaseFire PA, so they gave him a D. Tom Corbett blew them off, so they failed him.

I was chatting with a fellow activist who said, “I wonder what they give you if you talk to them and tell them to fuck off. D-?” I laughed.

The Tin Foil Hat Crowd Will LOVE This

The thing with the tin-foil hat crowd is that politicians try their awful damnedest to make their paranoid delusions a reality. This is one of those cases. The article also has a great quote from Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia:

He added, “People are being killed every day in the United States of America with illegal weapons. I love the 2nd Ammendment. [But], I have a 1st Ammendment right not to be shot.”

I’m pretty sure the copy of the First Amendment I memorized in school didn’t say anything about a right not to be shot. Right to free speech? Check. Freedom of religion? Check. Freedom to peaceably assemble? That’s in there too. But not be shot? Peaceably assemble without being shot maybe? I hate to tell you this Mike, but the guys getting shot and doing the shooting in your city are, shall we say, assembling for the purposes of furthering the unlicensed pharmaceutical business, for the most part. Last I checked that wasn’t peaceable.

But back to the original issue. It’s clear that the ICJ in the Hague doesn’t have jurisdiction to hear the kind of case Mayor Daley wants to bring (against gun manufacturers), unless he’s egging other countries to challenge the US in the ICJ, but the US doesn’t accept compulsory ICJ jurisdiction. Then again, I don’t have a lot of faith Barry wouldn’t play along with this charade.

A Sad Loss

The last leader of the Deacons for Defense has died.

Back from the Rally

It was a very productive day. I will have an anecdote or two later, and some observation on media coverage. But I was happy to meet with several state reps, and some Senate staffers for some candidates in the area favorable to our issue. Sadly the Senate wasn’t in session today, so the Senators themselves were home in their districts. I was happy to have a frank discussion with one of the longstanding A+ reps in our area on the political situation gun owners are facing, and exactly what we need to do in order to create a better constituency for supporting gun rights in these changing districts.

I will say this though, Pennsylvania is in trouble long term if gun owners don’t step up and get involved. The Philadelphia suburbs are becoming increasingly less friendly to gun rights, and while Philadelphia can’t outvote the rest of the state, if the suburbs start voting with Philadelphia on the gun issue, the Second Amendment in this state is in serious trouble. We’re hoping to do our small part to try to turn that around.

Here’s some pics from the day. These are different than the ones posted to Twitter, since I took them with a better camera.

Until next year. A lot of hard work went into organizing the rally. Thanks to Kim Stolfer of FOAC, who started this tradition and helps keep it going. To NRA for finally sending Wayne out. To PAFOA, who’s members make a good showing at the rally (and who was helped greatly by Bitter with rally items his year). And thanks finally to all the legislators, too numerous to list here, but some of whom are pictured, who do a lot on behalf of our issue.

Taking a Break from the Lobby Day

Just tried to stop by our state rep, who I saw outside of the rally, but had no time to talk to him. It looks like they are on the floor this afternoon. Right now we’re chilling in the Capitol Cafeteria with the rats. Got ourselves something bottled, and even then I’m thinking “I hope the rodents didn’t pee on the bottle.” It’s kind of sad watching gun owners scarf down the food. Do they know? Surely they don’t. Someone just spilled something on the floor. Hopefully we won’t see a cafeteria employee come out and exclaim, “Don’t worry about that. The rats will eat it.” This is why gun owners need to read this blog. If they did, they would know to not eat anything made the Capitol Cafeteria. Especially not the chocolate chip muffins.

Wayne LaPierre is still the rock star of the movement, despite what a lot of folks on the fringes of our movement think about him. After his speech he was mobbed by autograph seekers, and hand shakers. It was difficult to make a quick exit. After the rally I saw him depart with Andrew from Public Affairs, John Hohenwarter, who is the NRA lobbyist for PA, and a Corbett staffer. I’m guessing they are meeting with the Attorney General, who is the lead GOP candidate for governor. This is going to be an important one. NRA is sitting out of the Gubernatorial race for the primary, which is the good move since both GOP candidates for Governor are very pro-gun, and with records on the issue. Both have also, in their current offices, carried NRA endorsements. The other candidate is Sam Rohrer, who was also at the rally this afternoon.

Gun Shops Happy About New AL NFA Law

Looks like they think it’ll increase business. It’s disappointing to see the Fraternal Order of Police came out against the bill, however:

Although the bill was opposed by the Fraternal Order of Police, which feared the guns might fall into the hands of criminals, Gooch says there are already many smaller, easier to conceal guns available — like the sawed-off shotguns — that have been legal for many years.

The FOP sometimes falls on our side of the issue, and sometimes falls on the other side. Generally speaking we haven’t done well when FOP has opposed us. Lots of legislators don’t want to be seen as going against the interests of law enforcement. That shouldn’t matter where our rights are concerned, but unfortunately it does.

The Daley Solution to Crime in Chicago

Apparently is martial law, or something close to it. I don’t know how this is such a problem, since guns are illegal there and all.

Corbett Noncommittal on Castle Doctrine

In the Capitol Ideas Q&A with the candidates yesterday, Tom Corbett didn’t seem to want to take a position on passing Castle Doctrine. I should note that Corbett is NRA A rated, and has done a lot for gun owners, and this doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll come out against it. But we sincerely hope that if Attorney General Corbett is elected Governor, he’ll help us get this passed.

On Our Way to the Capitol

Bitter and I are on our way to the Capitol for the rally. Once we get there it wil be the firearm check-in process with the Capitol Police, then the rally. If you’d like to follow along live, you can see my Twitter Feed.

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