All Quiet on the Western Front

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but there’s not a whole lot going on in the gun rights world right now. We don’t really have any major legislation advancing, either pro-or-anti, at least in my areas of focus. The media is too busy talking about other things to editorialize on guns, and I think the Brady folks might be busy polishing up their resumes, after the Obama failing grade story got, as best I can tell, fairly minimal press coverage, and not a peep from the White house. I’ve heard nary a peep out of Brady, despite a few opportunities for them to push their issue. On the pro side, Congress is tied up on other issues, we’re all waiting for the next big things to happen in the McDonald case, and other than that, not much else.

I should be pretty happy it’s quiet, considering I’m busy as hell with work and putting in 70 hour weeks in an attempt to take our company in a new direction, and hopefully give it a new lease on life. But it’s deeply unsatisfying to know that blog quality suffers through lack of things to talk about. Generally speaking, the way I blog is to take stories I get through Google alerts, tips, or through reading other blogs, and aggregate them in open tabs in a browser. I keep them sorted according to how interesting they are. When I have time, bang out a bunch of posts, either published immediately or timed for publishing, depending on the time sensitivity. Often times my second or third tier material is stale by the time I get around to it. Lately, I’ve been going through even those, and still not much else out there. So it’s a good time, if you have anything that might be interesting, to send it along.

15 thoughts on “All Quiet on the Western Front”

  1. Calm before the storm – McDonald is due to be argued in a little over a month. That’s going to be the gust front. Then it should really open up once the McDonald decision is handed down. That’ll start up the CA suit “on-hold” over CA’s permitted handgun list and the other one looking to force “shall-issue”. Plus, ISTR a Heller II (semi-auto boogaloo)…

    2010 campaign season should be opening any day now – with Brady’s last chance to be relevant.

    Enjoy the 7th inning stretch.

  2. Of less pervasive relevance, perhaps, but there are some interesting things going on in various state legislatures.

    I must say though … watching Helmke one short year ago stating “On the gun issue, we won” … and now stating that their savior Obama has been an abject failure.

    That has to hurt.

  3. The relative quiet of the media over the recent Virginia mass murder is a good sign that the gun control movement is a spent force. If the gun control goons still had any vigor there would be screaming headlines and renewed calls for a ban on so-called “assault-weapons” from the usual suspects.

  4. Interesting post. I haven’t had this problem, though, I’m happy to report. There’s been plenty of post fodder for me in the news lately.

  5. MikeB302000, that’s because all you do is slander defensive gun use, and make up paper-thin arguments using pure fiction.

    With gun ownership and concealed carry on the rise you have plenty of lawful people to accuse of crimes, and lots of your fellow criminals to mourn.

    Sebastian has the burden of being both sane and relevant. Something you will never have.

  6. Really?

    We have two big pieces of pro-gun legislation here in the works in Indiana, and the media is squalling non stop.

    Maybe it’s quiet in PA.

  7. It’s quiet here. I’ve not had time to follow the happenings in Indiana, so it’s quite possible my perceptions are tilted by the fact that I’m not spending as much time following.

  8. Washington State is currently trying to get an AWB out of committee.

    Doesn’t look promising but if you haven’t read the bill yet, it’s a doozy.

    1. An AWB that’s DOA isn’t really huge news around the country. According to State Net, there are 16,002 bills introduced in 2010. Most of those aren’t going anywhere. If it doesn’t have a real risk of moving, it’s not that interesting. That said, he did cover when it was considered to be DOA.

  9. The pro-gun bill that is about to pass in Florida received a giant collective yawn from the press. Of course, that might be because it doesn’t really do anything…

    I expect things to heat up soon after the Chicago case works out. There are too many things that will follow from that, assuming SCOTUS rules that the 2A is incorporated. I expect plenty of lawsuits, but also CYA bills being pushed in anti-gun states (sorta like DC did after Heller.)

  10. Give them time. They’re like the duck in the pond. Everything seems quiet on top, but please believe their feet are moving below. The chicago arguments are coming up, bet your last dollar to hear from them around a week before.

  11. Well, with Heller decided, the fight moves to the states for the next couple of rounds. There’s some federal stuff still to do, but it’s going to have to be a bit more subtle

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