Back from the Rally

It was a very productive day. I will have an anecdote or two later, and some observation on media coverage. But I was happy to meet with several state reps, and some Senate staffers for some candidates in the area favorable to our issue. Sadly the Senate wasn’t in session today, so the Senators themselves were home in their districts. I was happy to have a frank discussion with one of the longstanding A+ reps in our area on the political situation gun owners are facing, and exactly what we need to do in order to create a better constituency for supporting gun rights in these changing districts.

I will say this though, Pennsylvania is in trouble long term if gun owners don’t step up and get involved. The Philadelphia suburbs are becoming increasingly less friendly to gun rights, and while Philadelphia can’t outvote the rest of the state, if the suburbs start voting with Philadelphia on the gun issue, the Second Amendment in this state is in serious trouble. We’re hoping to do our small part to try to turn that around.

Here’s some pics from the day. These are different than the ones posted to Twitter, since I took them with a better camera.

Until next year. A lot of hard work went into organizing the rally. Thanks to Kim Stolfer of FOAC, who started this tradition and helps keep it going. To NRA for finally sending Wayne out. To PAFOA, who’s members make a good showing at the rally (and who was helped greatly by Bitter with rally items his year). And thanks finally to all the legislators, too numerous to list here, but some of whom are pictured, who do a lot on behalf of our issue.

3 thoughts on “Back from the Rally”

  1. You’re probably not going to get many Educators at a rally during the month of April since it is PSSA testing month. (7 days of testing out of the month of school)

  2. I heard that some Philly legislators were looking for proof/facts that the Castle Doctrine would help with reductions in civil suits.
    Did anyone come up with any defensive shooting caused civil suits that would be defended by the Castle Doctrine.

    Maybe I will ping Kim at FOAC. I would like to get that info to that Philly legislator!

  3. Hey Sebastian,

    Great report, Thanks for the photos and updates! Nice to hear that you and Bitter went around talking to some of the local reps…its good to put the bug in their ear about the issues that matter to Gun Owners. Keep up the great work!

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