RodentGate Consequences

Who knew that an infestation of rodents would lead to lower sales at the State Capitol cafeteria?

Add One Mouse, Subtract $674,000.
That’s how much sales are down in the Capitol cafeteria, apres Rodentgate, the Patriot-News reports this morning.
Sales for the first two quarters of 2009 totaled nearly $1.1 million, while figures for the first two quarters of this year were just $407,738.

In addition to rodents, the cafeteria wasn’t properly washing dishes. Shockingly, people have apparently been avoiding it like the plague – probably out of fears of catching the plague.

Thank goodness for John Micek’s reporting on RodentGate or we would have eaten there at the gun rally in April. Fortunately, we knew better and stuck with a bottle soda until we could escape to the brewery nearby. However, I did feel a bit of guilt as we watched other gun owners chow down at the cafeteria.