The Daley Solution to Crime in Chicago

Apparently is martial law, or something close to it. I don’t know how this is such a problem, since guns are illegal there and all.

4 Responses to “The Daley Solution to Crime in Chicago”

  1. ctdonath says:

    Kent State.
    ’nuff said.

  2. Flight-ER-Doc says:

    I doubt that Daley would want to give up control to all those country boys from down-state (the ones IN the guard).

    After all, what would happen when crime goes down because the peace is being maintained by people actually … you know … protecting the public?

  3. WPZ says:

    Relax. The Guard thing is just an element in a wide-ranging anti-gun media war. It’s not serious.
    What’s happening is a blitz this very week in the Illinois House with a large pile of really nasty anti-gun bills coming out of committee and threatening to get votes.
    Getting the noise about the Guard is but one item, but it’s the noisiest and so made the national news.
    The metro area Dems have received their marching orders with lots of mentions about slating and campaign bucks. They rode down to Springfield knowing just what the boss wants and lots of them are seriously thinking of listening.

  4. John A says:

    Daley is against this: in his statement, he called for more laws against guns instead, since the decades-long bans have worked so well.