Is This Election Time Posturing?

Both DA candidates in Philadelphia say they will have no tolerance for illegal guns.

“My number one priority as a father of three daughters and a lifelong resident of Philadelphia is to make Philadelphians feel safer. And we are going to do that by prioritizing illegal guns. We are going to be going after the people that are using guns illegally. We are going to be going after the people that are selling guns illegally.”

I have no real beef with this position. But will they follow through if elected? If Bloomberg’s group were lobbying to put illegal gun traffickers and people illegally using guns in jail, I would have no problem with the group. But that’s not what they are doing.

5 thoughts on “Is This Election Time Posturing?”

  1. I remember reading somewhere that Richmond, VA, reduced its gun crime by 50% by insisting on a mandatory 5 yrs for anyone caught with a gun during commission of a crime–no negotiation/plea-bargain/whatever.

    When most drug dealers stop carrying guns, that’s when you know the DA’s onto something.

  2. Just put the criminals in jail and keep them in for gun related offenses. IN JAIL, not back on the street.

  3. Just where did that old DI in Basic get it wrong cause I can still hear him screaming and pointing ‘This is your rifle and that is you gun, this ones for fighting and that ones for fun and you’re not here to have fun’.

    So much for Fun in Philly,just ain’t gonna go to Philly without my gun because where would I leave it.

  4. Y’know, it would be great if people (and, specifically, public servants) started focusing more on the criminals who actually perpetrated the illegal activity, rather than the tools they employed in the illegal activity. But that would actually take effort, and require doing something, rather than taking posturing stances.

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