The Bluing

Here’s a picture of Joe Biden’s gun control shindig in Philadelphia. You will note Attorney General Kathleen Kane and Alyson Schwartz seated near him. Alyson Schwartz is preparing to run against Tom Corbett for Governor. Alyson Schwartz is a leader on gun control. This is going to be it folks. One reason we aren’t worrying too much about Pennsylvania right now is because Governor Corbett came out early and said gun control wasn’t going to be a solution in Pennsylvania. If Schwartz wins and denies Corbett a second term, the game will be over for gun rights in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia and the far-left coalition that controls the near suburbs will control the state. The House Republicans will probably try to hold the line for a while, but that won’t last long term. Corbett has to win, and we need to pull out all of the stops to keep him in office for another term.

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  1. “One reason we aren’t worrying too much about Pennsylvania right now is because Governor Corbett came out early and said gun control wasn’t going to be a solution in Pennsylvania.”

    That statement gave me a flashback to early June, 1995, when my Republican state rep told me not to worry about the gun control package that had been kicked around for the previous eight months, because (he said) “No gun control is going to pass in Pennsylvania this year. . .”

    That was one week before Act 17 of 1995 passed, with him voting for it.

    Worry. Always worry. Especially when Republicans are telling you not to.

  2. In my opinion Kane won because of the Penn State scandal. There is tons of info to back that up. If we can get the Penn Staters back on board we have a chance to get Corbett over the top again.
    If he gets us out of the booze business and solves School funding while doing it, it would be hard to deny him another term.

    WE, the gun rights folks, need to educate EVERYONE about the gun grabbing that will occur after the next election if we lose.

    1. I agree with that. And we should talk about the 80% issues that Corbett is backing like liquor privatization. Last I saw detailed polling, even 2/3 of union households supported that initiative! That’s a crazy popular issue. There will be times that talking guns isn’t the way to win over some voters.

      1. Yeah, the whole PSU thing is what got her elected. Stupid stupid.

        I agree, his budget is pretty good and the alcohol privatization is very popular. Yeah, you have some hold outs who just hate Corbett (I ran into it the other day), but extra money for education is great.

      2. I don’t know what polls are saying as of today, but I recall that as of a few weeks ago Corbett was at or close to an all-time low in terms of popularity of governors.

        I forget my precise words, but when I wrote to him I know I capitalized on that, saying approximately “Your only hope for a vote from me is if you veto any and all gun control legislation that reaches your desk.”

        I have not yet received a reply.

      3. One of the FEW thing I miss about living in NJ was one stop alcohol shopping, beer, wine, and hard stuff all at the same store.

        Either privatize it all or start selling beer at state stores. The current situation is a pain in the posterior.

  3. How do we in the red areas of PA help him win the liberal cities? Local work for us is icing on the cake for conservatives, how do we help win Philly when we live up to 6 hours away?

    1. Donating to pro-gun candidates is one thing you can do. That means when you write them, they will actually give a shit what you have to say on the issue. Doesn’t have to be a huge amount either.

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