Gun Shops Happy About New AL NFA Law

Looks like they think it’ll increase business. It’s disappointing to see the Fraternal Order of Police came out against the bill, however:

Although the bill was opposed by the Fraternal Order of Police, which feared the guns might fall into the hands of criminals, Gooch says there are already many smaller, easier to conceal guns available — like the sawed-off shotguns — that have been legal for many years.

The FOP sometimes falls on our side of the issue, and sometimes falls on the other side. Generally speaking we haven’t done well when FOP has opposed us. Lots of legislators don’t want to be seen as going against the interests of law enforcement. That shouldn’t matter where our rights are concerned, but unfortunately it does.

5 thoughts on “Gun Shops Happy About New AL NFA Law”

  1. Of course nobody will say WHY a gun a few inches shorter (but still much larger than a handgun, and in the case of some of the big-game revolvers, still Much less powerful) is of any concern.

    Especially given that Short Barreled Shotguns are legal, and so many states its legal with zero issue.

    Again, those pesky facts.

  2. The problem I have with LE organizations lobbying one way or the other is this.

    Their job is to enforce law … not to make or influence law. Trying actively to keep something illegal that is (in the big picture) inconsequential smacks of job security.

  3. More than the gun shops are happy. We AL residents are really happy.

    No more ridiculous restriction thats a relic of people who had no clue writing the longest constitution in the world….

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