11 thoughts on “Wisconsin DNR Bans Phasers, Coil Guns, for Hunting”

  1. My friend and I actually constructed a working railgun. Firing either carbon or copper slugs.

    It might be powerful enough to kill a deer, but the capacitor bank alone weighs 300 pounds, so dragging it around the woods would be a chore as would finding a heavy gauge extension cord long enough.

  2. Bows? Slings? Lassos/garottes?

    Dang, I suppose my onager and trebuchet are out.

  3. There is a way to build a special case of a rail gun without the capacitor banks, but it still requires 15+ amps of AC current. As usual, the power supply is the show stopper.

    Still, this almost provides me with the incentive to build one of the things.

  4. Likewise a spring-gun (which I found out recently is banned in NJ, go figure)

  5. So I guess my phased plasma rifle in the forty-megawatt range is right out, huh?

  6. One more example of why the WI DNR is the most out of control agency in the state, and needs to be systematically stripped of their power and dismantled.

    The main problem is all the Fudds that just keep going along with the regs, because they aren’t affected with pappy’s deer gun or whatever. Many of our firearms laws in this state are actually DNR regs, not laws, but they carry Prima Facie power and are very difficult to get overturned in court.

  7. what’s the problem using phasers anyway? I can agree with coil gun being dangerous at times, specially for the kids, but phasers, nah… :)

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