Convenience at the Pennsylvania RKBA Rally

It looks like the state police have figured out that hundreds of gun owners turning up to the Capitol will, in fact, remain an annual tradition.  They have provided PAFOA with the Capitol Firearm Check Form they use as receipts for gun owners who bring guns to the lobby day.  This will greatly speed up the process since you can fill both sections out in advance of your visit.

11 thoughts on “Convenience at the Pennsylvania RKBA Rally”

    1. Not every line can be filled out prior to the rally. I would presume things like bin number would be where the gun is stored. If you fill out what you do know, then the process will go much faster.

  1. Whereas in a free state like Washington, you show the trooper your CPL and can carry on the capitol campus, including in the capitol building during hearings.
    Drives the socialists, I mean, the Democratic congresscritters nuts. Few months back they had some guys show up doing open carry, and there was all sorts of PSH when the troopers shrugged and said “It’s legal.”

  2. Like Drang said. I live in Virginia. I went to the 2nd Amendment rally in Richmond on Monday the 12th. Had lunch in the cafeteria of the General Assembly building. Showed them my Virginia CHP, and was able to walk right into the building with my loaded sidearm and spare mags.

    Here’s the funny bit – they did want me to empty my pockets to x-ray the contents. I had a folding pocket knife. The x-ray operator advised me that I’d need to keep it in my pocket while in the building.

    Hello? Loaded sidearm? And you’re worried about my *pocketknife*???

  3. Who are the:

    PA Captiol Police

    Surely it would have been a good idea to have SOMEONE that could spell proof read that document!!!

  4. Have another look at the document in the link to the form.

    In the very middle it has a warning that says:


    That’s not how you spell D I S C I P L I N E

    Immediately under that it says:


    The spell checker between my ears reads that and sees:

    C A P T I O L

    That doesn’t spell CAPITOL to me.

  5. How so?

    I wrote:

    “Who are the PA C a p t i o l police?” (mispelling highlighted for clarity)

    I thought that was a somewhat funny reference to one of the mispellings in the document.

    I then wrote:

    “Surely it would have been a good idea to have SOMEONE that could spell proof read that document!!!”

    Again, I intended that as a somewhat funny (and exasperated) reference to the unfortunate public release of a document that contained what I saw as pretty obvious spelling errors.

    Did I miss the mark?

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