A Loss of History

One of the last “Witness Trees” on the Gettysburg Battlefield has died.  Visit enough places, and you’ll be impressed by just how much changes through time.  Fredericksburg Battlefield has become almost completely overgrown.  Look at historical pictures, much of it is clear, but where fields once were, forest now abounds.

Apparently there are two other surviving trees on the battlefield, but living things do eventually die.  Such is nature.

4 thoughts on “A Loss of History”

  1. I’ve heard that there’s a project underway to try to restore the Gettysburg battlefield to as near its 1863 condition as is possible today.

  2. ive heard the same, problem they are having is that some of the battlefield land is privately owned by people that wont sell it.

  3. All these picturesque New England towns with their stately shade trees looked totally different 150 years ago. Nothing but open fields back then, since they were mostly farming communities.

    “Restoring” Gettysburg to 1863 state likely will involve chain saws.

  4. I believe the “restoration” is part of the problem. Clearing out the surrounding 150yrs of tree growth had left this old tree exposed without any windbreaks.

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