Still Largely a Philly Issue

CeaseFire PA is happy to have more candidates this year return their questionnaire than in previous years:

Overall, the large number of General Assembly candidates responding to the questionnaire represents a significant increase over the number who responded to a similar survey from CeaseFirePA in 2008 – yet another indication that increasingly, candidates for elections in Pennsylvania are aware of the growing groundswell by voters for candidates who support more rational policies on gun violence prevention issues.

This could be an indication the issue is building momentum from the other side. But I noticed their non-endorsement endorsements, at the bottom of their press release, show that this issue is still very much a Philadelphia thing. What should be of concern to us is the issue penetrating into the suburban collar counties that ring Philadelphia. Especially Montgomery County, which is becoming particularly problematic for our issue.  Also of concern is some penetration into Chester County, some into Delaware and Bucks.

The danger here is, if we lose the suburbs on this issue, we lose the state. The rest of Pennsylvania can outvote Philadelphia, but it can’t outvote Philadelphia if its suburbs vote with the city.