Taking a Break from the Lobby Day

Just tried to stop by our state rep, who I saw outside of the rally, but had no time to talk to him. It looks like they are on the floor this afternoon. Right now we’re chilling in the Capitol Cafeteria with the rats. Got ourselves something bottled, and even then I’m thinking “I hope the rodents didn’t pee on the bottle.” It’s kind of sad watching gun owners scarf down the food. Do they know? Surely they don’t. Someone just spilled something on the floor. Hopefully we won’t see a cafeteria employee come out and exclaim, “Don’t worry about that. The rats will eat it.” This is why gun owners need to read this blog. If they did, they would know to not eat anything made the Capitol Cafeteria. Especially not the chocolate chip muffins.

Wayne LaPierre is still the rock star of the movement, despite what a lot of folks on the fringes of our movement think about him. After his speech he was mobbed by autograph seekers, and hand shakers. It was difficult to make a quick exit. After the rally I saw him depart with Andrew from Public Affairs, John Hohenwarter, who is the NRA lobbyist for PA, and a Corbett staffer. I’m guessing they are meeting with the Attorney General, who is the lead GOP candidate for governor. This is going to be an important one. NRA is sitting out of the Gubernatorial race for the primary, which is the good move since both GOP candidates for Governor are very pro-gun, and with records on the issue. Both have also, in their current offices, carried NRA endorsements. The other candidate is Sam Rohrer, who was also at the rally this afternoon.

One thought on “Taking a Break from the Lobby Day”

  1. Things I noticed?

    Did Wayne come in on that black helicopter?

    I hate it when you don’t get to actually see any legislators. As I was heading to lunch, across the river off the Market Street bridge avoiding the cafeteria food, which I shared with 5 great guys, I ran into a nice elected official named Ray Bunt who used to be a close friend. He has our back always.

    Kim Stolfer, from FOAC, was laid back more than I have ever seen him.

    Dr. Huff is prettier in person and very gracious.

    Maybe next year we can have the rally in the back of the building nearer our guns. I will add that to my survey!

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