3 thoughts on “Evanston Caves Under Pressure”

  1. I feel sorry for the town’s taxpayers… The money spent on the lawyers necessary for the impending case that the town will lose could be much better spent on much more worthy projects. Oh well. Intelligence has never been a prerequisite for political office.

  2. It seems like the town is just preparing to _change_ their law, much in the way that DC did. The question is, will the lawsuit happen soon enough or fast enough, or will they manage to obviate the lawsuit by replacing the ban with a near-ban? I’m not sure if the NRA’s suit will be as useful or effective if they manage to quickly change the law to allow small exceptions to the ban. On the other hand, if the suit does happen because they fail to change the law in time then that’s good, albeit expensive, news for the plan to try and achieve “incorporation” of the 2A.

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