E-Mail Troubles

Anyone trying to e-mail me since sometime yesterday probably got a bounce back.  My mailbox hit its size limit.  Sorry about that.  All should be working now.

H&K Fanboys and the Shooting Sports

Thanks to Uncle for pointing out these two posts.  I’ve also noticed that a lot of fanboys mostly have video game experience, and most have never fired a real gun before in their lives. Go read both posts.

Larry’s latter post is also interesting, speaking of the difference between fanboys and beginner shooters.  The first centerfire rifle I ever fired was a Kalashnikov, and in the beginning I too couldn’t shoot well at all.  I still have a long ways to go before I’m winning matches, but my shooting has improved greatly just shooting matches at my club, 90% of the time using inexpensive factory guns chambered in .22LR.

The traditional shooting sports are a great way to become a better shooter, and I’ve noticed the improved shooting translates over to black rifles just fine.  The only thing getting worse is my Glock shooting, but that just needs to be “good enough” and grapefruit sized groups at 25 feet meets that standard.  So my advice to folks who might have a black rifle or two, and want to get better, put it down for a while, join a club, and shoot lots and lots of .22LR.  It’s cheap, you’ll have fun, and come out on the other side a better shooter.

Bob Ricker’s Guide to Cooking

Keeping in mind ol’ Bob’s attitudes towards women, so very nicely illustrated by our friends at VPC blog and Bitter, we bring you some cooking advice:

Ah, the good ol’ days eh Bob?

Can’t Mail It Home

SayUncle tells a horrifying tale of the US military destroying ammunition stores..  One of the little known legacies of the Clinton presidency: the military cannot legally sell surplus ammo to civilians.  President Clinton signed an executive order forbidding the military from surplussing any ammunition to civilians except through the CMP, but the CMP has not gotten surplus ammo from military stores for quite some time, and their charter only allows them to sell ammunition for firearms in the calibers that they sell, so basically .30-06, .30 Carbine, and .22LR.

So you can thank President Clinton for this horrible tale, which is why we must not allow another President Clinton to take the White House, or Obama for that matter.

UPDATE: This may be a gunny urban legend.  Still researching.

Slow Motion Gun Porn

Go pay a visit over to The Gun Blobber.

More on National Parks

The debate moves to Washington State:

George Coulbourn is an NRA member too but works as a volunteer backcountry ranger at Mount Rainier National Park. He sees no benefit to allowing people to carry loaded weapons in the park. Kris Paynter is the mother of two young girls and the wife of a police detective. She said allowing guns at Mount Rainier would ruin the sense of sanctuary the park now offers.

Yeah, that’s a rational reason for forcing me to run the risk of ending up like this woman.   I mean, heaven forbid we ruin anyone’s sense of sanctuary.

“If you’re not comfortable visiting the park because of animals, you don’t belong there,” Coulbourn said. “I have seen countless bears in the backcountry of Mount Rainier. But every single one of them has ignored me or run away.”

He added that the handgun a park visitor would likely carry into the park would not have enough stopping power to bring down a bear or cougar.

So basically he’s saying I have to risk being lunch if I want to visit the park?  What he says about stopping power is definitely true, but I’d take my .44 Magnum over my bare fists, or swiss army knife.  I wonder how long it took the News Tribune to track down all these gun owners who are opposed to removing the restrictions in National Parks.

How to Deny City Residents Credit

Suspend foreclosures for six months.  If creditors know that the city is going to dick around with the instruments used to secure loans, they are just going to stop offering cheap credit to city residents.  No doubt this kind of thing hurts poor people the most.

Politicians in the City of Philadelphia are nothing if not stupid.

Ram Pin of Glory

Well, not really too much glory.  Real glory would be getting one for winning a sanctioned match, but I will take what I can get as a beginner.  It takes a proud place on my shooting hat:

 Ram Pin

Now all I need is a pig and a turkey.  The turkey pin will be tough.  A brief explanation of the pins and hat.  The hat is from last years NRA Annual Meeting in St. Louis, which was hosted by the Missouri Sport Shooting Assocation, who’s pin you see thusly.  The other pins are all, save my animal pins, from exhibitors at the annual meeting, except the ILA pin, which just kind of appeared one day.

Random Conversation of Suicide

My gay friend Andrew, who has been the subject of other Random Conversations, is from Montana.  I decided to talk to him about a serious topic:

Sebastian: Is Montana depressing?
Andrew: I like the state in theory, but there’s not a lot to do and it can be lonely and frustrating.  As much as I like it here I kind of want to leave sometimes.
Sebastian: Do you ever want to kill yourself?
Andrew: Why do you ask? Are you feeling depressed?
Sebastian: I’m wondering why Montana is one of the leading suicide states in the country
Andrew: Because it’s almost all rural.  Even in Helena, even though there are people, there’s really almost nothing to do. For an awful lot of people the only thing to do on a weekend is drink.
Sebastian: According to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, we need to take all your guns away so you don’t kill yourself so much
Andrew: Is gun the typical suicide in Montana?
Sebastian: CSGV says that guns make it easy to kill yourself
Andrew: I dunno.. I mean, it’d be easy and fast. but.. I would always be afraid the bullet would go on and kill someone else too in a freak accident.  Plus, what if you Didn’t kill yourself and only brain damaged yourself? Eww.
Andrew: The only people I personally know who have done it or attempted, none used guns
Andrew: Car is a popular one. and trains
Sebastian: What about covering yourself in honey and looking for a Grizzly Bear?
Andrew: Nah. If I ever did it it’d have to be a way where it’d be nearly certain death and quick. That way is neither.
Andrew: Probably a long fall down a straight mountain cliff in Glacier Park. Pretty view.
Andrew: As for banning guns… if they want to ban anything people can kill themselves with, they need to ban cars and level the mountains and outlaw pharmaceuticals
Sebastian: pretty much
Andrew: I just find it ironic that they use Montana as an example for why gun control is necessary. It’s not like a nanny-state city where everyone is anti-gun…  Montanans generally like being able to own guns

So there you have it.  Gays in Montana don’t seem to be contemplating suicide.  Don’t seem to be contemplating using guns to do it, or contemplating using honey and Grizzley Bears.  And before you say this isn’t a representative sample, how many gays do you think are really in Montana?  Brokeback Mountain nonwithstanding.

Pics of Pilot AD

You can see pictures of the pilot accidental discharge that Uncle’s been talking about over here.  They include close-ups.

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