Can’t Get a Home Depot Line of Credit if You’re a Gun Company

Not because of Home Depot though, but because their credit is underwritten by Citibank, who have a very odd explanation for why they denied a gun businesses line of credit. Apparently they prohibit lines of credit to people who manufacture and sell firearms for military use. That’s very strange. I wonder why this is.

4 thoughts on “Can’t Get a Home Depot Line of Credit if You’re a Gun Company”

  1. Shitibank always had the longest, most tortuous fine print of any credit card I’ve ever had. I wish I could say I’ve dumped them, but when the “credit crunch” was brand-spanking new and no one knew how bad it was, they canceled my card due to lack of use. I had better cards for everything except car rental, so that’s all I ever used it for.

    This isn’t anything new for Citi either.

  2. This is much ado about nothing. Citibank uses a classification system set up by credit bureaus to lower its exposure to lending to companies involved in shady business deals with military and/or quasi-military organizations, largely outside of the U.S. Warne was probably classified incorrectly, and Citi’s computers spit Warne out when the application went in. This will be solved in a relatively short period of time.

    If Citi had an anti-gun policy, it would be there for an economic reason, like they thought it was a way to gain business. Therefore, they would scream it from the mountaintop, like they would a policy prohibiting lending to coal burning power plants or to South African companies during Apartheid. That they haven’t advertised it suggests A) it’s not a policy directed at the firearms industry and B) this is a situation Citi never intended to have happen and they will fix it. I’d be pissed off if I worked for Warne, too, but I’d wager this is more of a clerical-type error than a policy hostile to guns.

  3. If that is really their policy I assume they would not do business with anyone making things that go to the military and go boom, like GE. Colt, FN, S+W, …


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