Evolutionary Question

Clayton asks an important evolutionary question:

I mentioned a couple of years ago the fossil evidence that life existed at least 3.4 billion years ago–and the presence of an oxygen atmosphere suggests photosynthesis was already at work (thus implying life) 3.8 billion years ago. I also mentioned that this creates an interesting problem for evolutionists–how in the heck did this happen so quickly?

The answer to this is quite easy.  We all know that Ronnie Barrett is a well known time traveler.  In order to secure a future market for his terror rifles, he merely traveled back in time and sneezed into the primordial ooze.

Life on earth is the most dasterdly and insidius gun blobber plot yet!

2 thoughts on “Evolutionary Question”

  1. Given that the flu virus mutates every year, and anti-biotic resistant bacteria have evolved in less than a century… it’s pretty obvious that the very high reproductive rate for microbes allows for very fast evolution.

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