Mood at the Club

I was listening to people talk about the Philadelphia gun bills at Indoor Silhouette tonight.  People seem to be generally pissed, and reluctant to head to the one club left in the city to shoot.  I heard several say that even if the state preempts the City’s ordinance, if charged, they will likely never see their gun again.  That’s probably correct.  The city’s “assault weapons ban” is so broad that it bans many common sporting guns.  Head there with a ported Ruger 10/22, and you can get busted.

I sincerely hope that someone sues the ever loving hell out of the City of Philadelphia for this.  But even in that instance, it’s city taxpayer money at stake, and I doubt enough of them will mind to make a difference.  This is one of those things that not much will ever be done about.  There will be no consequence for the actors involved for violating state law.  This is why it’s important for gun ownership to be viewed as a fundamental right by the federal courts.  It’s only then do you have a remedy to deal with this kind of malfeasance.

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