Obama Administration Sticking it to Us on Ammunition

Probably anticipating a gun fight with the GOP over the gun issue, the Obama Administration, through the ATF, are proposing jiggering the the definition of armor piercing ammunition in order to include M855. This is absolutely meant to cut off supply of inexpensive surplus ammunition, and screw shooters. It is a giant middle finger from this administration for having the temerity to oppose him. Remember what they tell us:

“You can’t continue to use lead ammunition, because it’s bad for the environment and wildlife.”

“But you can’t make ammunition out of anything other than lead because if you do, it’s ‘armor piercing.'”

They are well aware of the Catch 22 this put us in, and it’s deliberate. And they are hoping that the courts either don’t notice, or don’t care. If the Republicans want to show us they are with us, they’ll not only reverse this, but allow the US military to surplus ammunition once again to civilians. If Republicans really want to show they are with us, they’ll repeal the whole ridiculous “armor piercing” ammunition law entirely. It was always based on hysterics and misinformation, as is most gun control.

Public comment period ends March 16th.

7 thoughts on “Obama Administration Sticking it to Us on Ammunition”

  1. One could argue that M855 ammunition is in “common use” which would fall squarely into the SCOTUS test. In the long run, this ban may actually put a stake in the heart of many such ATF restrictions.

  2. They only do comments because they have to. The majority of the comments they will get will be in opposition to this but they are still going to do it. Looks like I know I’m going to be spending my tax return on M855 instead of 40 Smith & Wesson which I’m running low on and silver because 855 it will soon be illegal. 855 WILL become illegal. There is no stopping it. I wonder how many robot comments that Bloomberg’s cronies will put out in support of this? Because the ATF take those to heart more than ours. I have said it before and I’ll say it again to them the only good gun owner to them is a dead guy owner and if they had to kill 100 million United States citizens to realize that goal they would do it in a heartbeat, they hate us that much they Would really do such an act to bring about their progressive Utopia where freedom does not exist. I wonder what they’ll do with all the people that already have the stuff such as myself? Break down my door and kill me for it?i’m pretty sure the anti-gunners are secretly hoping for it. The breaking down of doors and killing ago of gun owners I should say.

  3. Maybe we can use this as a vehicle to put down the worthless sporting purposes language

    1. The sporting purposes test of the GCA ’68 are incredibly ripe for judicial review ever since the 2008 Heller decision.

  4. Expect more of the same to come. It’s like the commercial on TV: “But wait, There’s More! Act now and there isn’t dick they can do about it until they get somone in the WH that actually will recind this crap.”
    BWAAAHAHAHAHA!! It’s great to be a lame duck!

  5. This might get the GOP to move. The reciprocity bills are not meant to become law – no stand-alone pro-gun bill will get past a veto – if they want it law they have to attach it something important to Obama.

    But that is a pro-gun bill that would give something we don’t yet have.

    The M855 ban is a completely different animal because it takes away something we already have. There is a difference, and I think even the dimwits in the party of stupid know it.

    So maybe they will add an amendment to some important bill somewhere. Which will lead to the next obvious question: why not carry reciprocity and the Glenn Reynolds Rule (that non-violent infringements of carry law are civil penalties only)?

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