Can’t Mail It Home

SayUncle tells a horrifying tale of the US military destroying ammunition stores..  One of the little known legacies of the Clinton presidency: the military cannot legally sell surplus ammo to civilians.  President Clinton signed an executive order forbidding the military from surplussing any ammunition to civilians except through the CMP, but the CMP has not gotten surplus ammo from military stores for quite some time, and their charter only allows them to sell ammunition for firearms in the calibers that they sell, so basically .30-06, .30 Carbine, and .22LR.

So you can thank President Clinton for this horrible tale, which is why we must not allow another President Clinton to take the White House, or Obama for that matter.

UPDATE: This may be a gunny urban legend.  Still researching.

11 thoughts on “Can’t Mail It Home”

  1. Could you provide a little more information or a link concerning this?

  2. Hey, Bush!!!!!

    Feeling bad about the whole Solicitor General brief thing?

    I know how you can make it up to us…. Get out the Executive Order form.

  3. Since most Service Rifle shooting now is .223 we ought to be able to get that from the CMP?
    I’m going to bring it up at the next club meeting (the WWII bolt-action match tomorrow).

  4. BS! Clinton is long gone. That BS is the Bush kid’s fault for not signing an executive order rescinding Clinton’s!

  5. Are you sure its an executive order? I just looked and couldn’t find one.

    Sounds to me like its something done by statute more than anything else. Or even a weird regulation – but that would have been open to notice and comment rulemaking – – but not an executive order (which is easy enough for the next president to rescind).

  6. As far as their own ammo, the US military can no longer sell complete rounds, but must disassemble it & sell the components. Talon used to purchase the components & reassemble the ammo with fresh power, IIRC. We should try & come up with the proper legislation that would allow the CMP to sell all surplus military ammo. It’s only a matter of time before they run out of surplus rifles to sell.

    Of course, the military currently doesn’t have any surplus ammo. They’re busy using it all AFAIK.

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