Pics of Pilot AD

You can see pictures of the pilot accidental discharge that Uncle’s been talking about over here.  They include close-ups.

2 Responses to “Pics of Pilot AD”

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    I was willing to blame it on the dumb holster, but upon examining the holster (I still think its dumb and I don’t like it…but you’d need to do somthing stupid with the holster to cause an ND/AD) and where the hole is.

    This is looking more like an ND to me.

  2. kaveman308 says:

    I’m kinda surprised. Although I don’t recall it being mandatory, but I thought that all air marshals and armed pilots were using the frangible bullets. Those holes don’t look like it was a frangible.

    Anybody know what, if any, policies/laws are in place regarding ammo to be used?