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Pennsylvanians: Call Your State Reps

It never ends. House Bill 1770, sponsored by “Ban Them All” Rep. Steve Santarsiero, has been bottled up in committee to suffer the fate such an affront to civil liberties deserves. However, Santarsiero has filed a discharge petition to get it to the House Floor, so we could be seeing a vote. One thing I would be sure to stress in any correspondence with Republican lawmakers is that the FBI director does not want this legislation. This will play to many lawmaker’s “law and order” instincts, and perhaps offer them some cover to vote no. Follow NRA’s link and use their “contact your legislators” feature. Change the default message to your liking. It’ll help if they aren’t all the same.

It’s worth noting that Santarsiero is running for Congress in this district.

Presented Without Comment

New “Bipartisan” Bill Introduced To Ban Those on No-Fly List

Guilty until proven innocent is what this is, and if this were introduced as a bill to prevent people on these lists from publishing, attending mosque, or using social media, there would be outrage, and justifiably so. The people behind this affront to constitutional liberties:

  • Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND). So much for her holding firm.
  • Kelly Ayotte (R-NH)
  • Martin Heinrich (D-NM)
  • Jeff Flake (R-AZ) WTF? He must love himself some “law and order” and secret lists. This is the kind of stab in the back I’d expect from McCain!
  • Tim Kaine (D-VA)
  • Lindsey Graham (R-SC). Dude is an AR-15 shooter. For real. He also must love himself some secret lists and “law and order.”
  • Angus King (I-ME).

The no-fly list itself ought to be viewed as an unconstitutional infringement on the right to travel. This bill doesn’t have a number yet, but get ready to call your lawmakers and demand they vote no. There’s enough leftist groups uncomfortable with this crap that they have no excuse to vote yes.

Note now there’s an assumption that “if you can’t board a plane in this country, you shouldn’t be able to buy a gun,” as if it’s perfectly accepted that the government can keep secret lists of people that interfere with the right to travel. See how they did that?

Note Pat Toomey isn’t on this list. Must be an election year, or his bill is coming soon.

UPDATE: Toomey has announced he’s supporting this bill.

Not the Last We’ve Seen of Gun Control – More Coming This Week

If you haven’t called already, it’s not too late. I’m told that yesterday’s amendments offered are not the last we’ll see of gun control in the Senate, and that more votes are very likely this week. Keep the pressure on.

Gun Control Measures Fail

I am quite pleased to report that all four proposed gun control amendments (to an appropriations bill) have failed:

  • Chuck Grassley (R-IA) floated an amendment that would sweeten the pot yet again for states to report records to NICS. It failed 53-47, needing 60 votes to invoke cloture and pass. This was largely a party line vote, with only Kirk and Gardener voting “no,” and with Donnelly voting “yes.”
  • Diane Feinsten’s (D-CA) Amendment to prohibit suspected terrorists from possessing firearms failed outright 47-53. Kelly Ayotte, was the only Republican to cross the aisle and vote “yes.” Toomey was a “no.” Heitkamp was the only Dem to cross and vote “no.”
  • John Cornyn’s (R-TX) Amendment, which would have delayed purchase 72 hours to give the FBI a chance to act also failed 53-47. Jeff Flake crossed the isle to vote “no.” with the Democrats. Voting yes with the Republicans were Donnelly (D-IN) and Manchin (D-WV). I’m not going to hold it against anyone for voting “no” on this, but now we have the Dems on record as rejecting any compromise solution.
  • Chris Murphy (D-CT) proposed an amendment that would ban private transfers. It failed outright 44-56, party line. Kirk (R-IL) crossed to vote “yes” with the Dems. Heitkamp (D-ND), Tester (D-MT), and Manchin (D-WV) crossed the aisle to vote “no” with the Republicans.

Pat yourselves on the back, even if your name is Pat Toomey. He voted with us where I expected he’d vote against us. Must be an election year! Bloomberg is going to be one sad panda.

Take Action!

Just a reminder, if you haven’t already, contact your lawmakers. NRA has a handy method to do it quickly, but sending your own usually has more impact. Every person who writes gives more leverage to the lobbyists on the Hill to beat this crap, and it’s all crap. Tell your elected officials to vote for none of it. They already rejected the compromise offer, so screw them. Tell them no more gun control. Period.

Vote Could be Held Today

The Dems decided they needed to strike while the iron was hot, and to capitalize on the raw feelings of the public after the terrorist attack. Politico is reporting the vote could be happening as we speak. It looks like Toomey is floating his own proposal separate from Cornyn, which the NRA is OK with. Keep in mind we haven’t seen any language yet. I’m thinking they believe a big mistake they made after Sandy Hook was taking enough time so that we could actually read the bills and find out we (or rather Senator Toomey) were being hoodwinked.

Both failed in December and are likely to fail again, senators and aides said. Universal background checks also stand no chance of passing the Senate. Conversations between Cornyn and Feinstein on a middle ground broke down on Wednesday after the NRA endorsed Cornyn’s bill, and Democrats loathe the bill written by Toomey that he developed while speaking to Everytown for Gun Safety, the gun-control group led by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

I really want to nail Toomey in a primary. I don’t honestly care if it throws the seat to the Dems at this point. Both Casey and Toomey got into office by lying to gun owners, and then screwing us. I’m very interested in how the Junior Senator from Pennsylvania votes. I will also be paying close attention to the bill he wrote with Bloomberg.

Here it Comes

The Dems end their filibuster while the GOP agrees to hold a vote. We also have word that Pat Toomey is working with gun control groups again on “producing a bill that could pass Congress.” Hopefully this time, the good Senator won’t get hoodwinked by Chuck Schumer into gutting the FOPA safe travel provision.

Next time Toomey is up, it’ll be an off year, and his ass needs to get primary’d.

This better be one of those “we give up almost nothing and get something in return,” or “we have the votes to beat this and just want to get some more lawmakers on record.” If not the GOP majority in Congress is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

This is the time to start calling. No more gun control. Period.

Our Allies: Know Who They Are

It’s not just crazy gun nuts who have serious concerns about using abusing the no-fly or terror watch lists, we have allies in unexpected places.

It’s good to know there’s still good old fashioned liberals out there who still share that passé concern for civil liberties. Cristian Farias over at HuffPo: “The NRA Has Actually Got Something Right On Gun Control.

The ACLU has been an ally against the terror watch list for a while now.

I know this will be controversial for some of my readers, but any chair in a bar fight will do: CAIR is against the terror watch list.

Pink Pistols are an LGBT gun-rights group, and they have an excellent release on the attack at the pulse night club. We will definitely need their voice as this train starts moving.

Tom G. Palmer (yes, that Palmer) in the New York Daily News: “In wake of Orlando, gays should arm themselves: Otherwise, in gun-free zones like the Pulse nightclub, we’re sitting ducks to maniacs and terrorists.


How’s Do You Trump Supporters Feel Now?

Due process? What’s that? Anything can be sacrificed for a bit of good ol’ fashioned populist “law and order”:

UPDATE: To be clear, I’m speaking to those who supported him in the primary.

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