Down But Not Out

It’s looking like Seattle’s Mayor, having had his city’s gun ban tossed out by the courts for violating preemption, is advocating the state legislature repeal preemption. Pennsylvania isn’t the only state where anti-gun activists are working hard to erase one of our bedrock victories in the last several decades. Without preemption, pretty much every gain we’ve made in the protection of our rights becomes meaningless. It becomes impossible to transport, carry, or even own firearms without worrying about a patchwork of local ordinances and regulation.

One thought on “Down But Not Out”

  1. While the issue is still subject to appeal, the judge in this case actually went further than the plaintiffs requested.

    She ruled that:

    1. The ban was illegal based on Pre-Emption
    2. The ban was illegal based on the WA State Constitution
    3. The ban was illegal based on the 2nd Amendment.

    If upheld on appear, this is very good news

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