Because You Su… Wait, We Suck!

Apparently H&K is having some trouble with reliability on the 416 under combat conditions.  From today’s Tactical Wire:

The Tactical Wire has learned from very reliable sources that the US military has encountered significant problems with H&K Model 416s in combat conditions. HK has suspended production pending an internal investigation and inspection of that weapon system.

You know what would help work a lot of these kinks out?  Selling your crap to the civilian market.  No, we don’t shoot under “combat conditions” but enough of us shoot recreationally in enough conditions that a lot of the reliability problems will be found.  Soldiers shouldn’t have to work out bugs in their weapons systems while other people are shooting at them.

But thanks to this country’s importation laws, and H&K’s lack of interest in exploring the U.S. civilian market for semi-automatic versions of their rifles, our soldiers are getting stuck with gear that hasn’t really been thoroughly tested and debugged.

7 thoughts on “Because You Su… Wait, We Suck!”

  1. The US Military don’t do their own testing? What about testing new equipment under extreme conditions, like maybe, similar to combat conditions?

  2. Better idea…

    US Military should be buying from US manufactures only.

    Importation issues – solved
    Ability to get US manufacturers to offer semi only systems – easier
    Big middle finger to H&K – even better!

  3. They do their own testing, but sometimes you don’t find problems until you’re making a lot of them an issuing them to soldiers in the field. The M-16 went through testing too, but its introduction was plagued with problems, some of them deliberate as to sabotage its introduction on the part of its detractors in the military.


    I’d be happy if they used a US manufacturer. I don’t like the idea of our next rifle being a kraut rifle.

  4. This could be fixed tomorrow, I say give them the 1911 in 45acp. Proven, American made. Even the ones made in other countries ie Llama etc. etc. are better than this 9mm crap.

  5. How about we just repeal that stupid-ass Hughes Amendment? Civilians can test the reliability of the products in both semi AND full-auto, should the need arise…(not that much of a gun person, forgive me in advance…) that would give the manufacturers even more feedback to build better products…

  6. How about we just repeal that stupid-ass Hughes Amendment?

    I agree with you on this, but unfortunately, most of Congress does not.

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