Mid 30s

The thing about a decade is it doesn’t evenly divide up into a neat third. Typically you hear people say “Early X0’s, Mid X0’s, Late X0’s.”  So what do you do with the extra year? When I turned 33, I said “Well, that’s the last year of my early 30s.”  Now as I enter the last year of what is undisputedly my “Mid 30s,” I think I am going to reserve the right to transplant that floater year to 37, so that becomes the last year of my “Mid 30s” delaying “Late 30s” for the remaining years of 38 and 39. But still, you have to figure “Late 30s” is still better than “Early 40s,” which is still yet better than “Early 50s,” which is definitely better than being dead. Though lately I’ve been feeling dead, but it’s probably the long hours I’m working. Of course long hours are better than unemployment. So I guess despite the fact that I hate getting old, I’m happy to be mid-30s and employed (for now).

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  1. I’ll be happy about early/mid/late whatever decade, so long as it means we’re growing old together. :)

    (Don’t worry regular readers, I’ll cut out the sappy crap for now.)

  2. I just started calling myself a “coot” early on and avoided the confusion entirely.

  3. I’ve tended to put X3 into the “early X0s” and left it with that. Moving the “extra” year to X7, thereby only leaving the “late X0s” with two years, just feels too much like cheating to me.

    But then again, it really doesn’t matter. I moved into my mid 50s earlier this week (ow! that actually hurt me when I typed it), and I’ll heartily agree with your assessment: being in your 50s (or any other living age) is definitely better than being dead.

  4. Happy Birthday, by the way!!

    You share the same wonderful birthday as my beautiful wife. Today she is 50. She doesn’t look a day over 39.
    Bitters comments were moving nice and moving even from a regular reader.

    I am in my mid 50’s and it feels just like mid 30’s and mid 40’s, just heavier.

  5. This is how I divide them up:

    Early 30’s = 30 – 34 and 9mos
    Mid 30’s = 34 and 9 mos to 38
    Late 30’s= 38 -39

    There is no rule they have to be divided evenly.

    Sadly, I am now applying my dividing rule to the 40’s rather than 30’s. Soon I may have to apply it to century. “Yup, I’m at about the mid century mark.”

  6. Children, a bunch of children. Sebastian, my children are older than you.

    Does that make you feel better?

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