4th Circuit Grants Maryland a Stay

According to Dave Hardy, they’ve granted a stay, meaning Maryland will still be permitted to consider “good and substantial” reason for permit applicants, until the case is decided on appeal. But as Dave mentions, they’ve accelerated the schedule for hearing the case, and it’ll be heard late October.

4 thoughts on “4th Circuit Grants Maryland a Stay”

  1. Add 3-6 months to the October hearing, which is actually closer to November than not. We’ll hear back in Spring 2013.

    You all realize – that counting from Heller’s origins – we could have pushed a new Constitutional Amendment in the time it’s going to take to get the old one improperly recognized?

    1. No kidding…Further, if this doesn’t get ruled upon until Spring of 2013, we are looking at the Fall 2013/Spring 2014 sitting for SCOTUS. Its beyond frustrating that the motions panel effectively punted and said “not our job.”

      At some point, we should expand the judiciary branch to deal with the its overburdened nature, AND start impeaching and removing judges that don’t do their job and follow the law.

  2. Pushing an amendment implicitly acknowledges the one we have doesn’t so what we say it does. And given the difficulties we’ve had at the national legislative arena, but sure an amendment push would be a trivial effort.

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