4 thoughts on “Several More Towns Pass AWB in Illinois”

  1. Quinn has announced his amendatory-veto version will be signed today at 1100 in Chicago (surprise).


    It will be up to the original bill sponsors in each chamber to either submit the amended bill for consensus, or outright veto-override, or let the bill die. The House sponsor is Brandon Phelps, Democrat; the Senate sponsor is Gary Forby, Democrat. Quinn is a Democrat. Phelps and Forby are from downstate (shocking).

    The bill will not die. The powers-that-be will not allow court-ordered carry (basically anybody with a Firearm Owners ID card could carry anywhere anytime and any way). I am hoping there will be a Quinn-soul-crushing override. But stranger things have happened.

  2. And as I was typing all that out, the House Sponsor, Phelps, has announced he will call for a veto-override in his chamber.

  3. yeah, one of the “good” things about legislative process in IL (as far as this is concerned) is that the Speaker and Senate Pres. are out of the process as far a choosing to put up the AV or the original bill.

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