The point man in Mexico’s war against the drug cartels has resigned:

Medina-Mora was an outspoken critic of U.S. gun laws, which he argued make it easy for drug gangs to acquire weapons across the border. He called for more aggressive prosecutions of criminals who smuggle guns into Mexico, saying the U.S. constitutional right to bear arms doesn’t protect them.

“The Second Amendment was not put there to arm foreign criminal groups,” he told The Associated Press during an interview in February.

Let’s hope his replacement is more interested in destroying the power of the cartels, and getting Mexico’s house in order, rather than lecturing the United States, which has much lower rates of crime and violence, about its gun laws.   I’m not optimistic though.

4 thoughts on “Resigned”

  1. “The Second Amendment was not put there to arm foreign criminal groups.”

    Of course not. It was put there so American citizens could shoot their asses and bury them in the desert, should they dare trespass on American soil. And since these foreign thugs are getting their guns from illegal or government sources (not mutually exclusive, you’ll note), disarming the American is not the answer.

  2. Hey, here’s an idea: the Mexican authorities can arm their police force with bigger, better weapons. Or, baring that, he can have some officers cross the border and buy some on their own. :)

  3. I wonder if drug cartel pressure was brought to bear so that he’d resign? Maybe they caught him in a Spitzer – the cartels have very attractive financial incentives and very murderous disincentives.
    Or maybe he plans to run for political office like Spitzer…

  4. obumble is probably talking to him about that high-level opening in the atfe.

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