More on Cinco de Mayo

According to Dave Kopel, American Arms played quite a significant role in the liberation of Mexico. As I’ve said before, American guns going south isn’t necessary a bad thing. The problem is that they are ending up over there because of the drug cartels. But this is what happens when you seriously restrict guns, as Mexico has. Gun control laws won’t disarm drug cartels, and anyone who thinks that is more naive than than your average elementary school student.

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  1. “Gun control laws won’t disarm drug cartels, and anyone who thinks that is more naive than than your average elementary school student.” There’s little evidence to support this and some evidence to counter. Not to fuel the anti-gun side, but I believe facts and transparency are always the best path, even when they are less than flattering. One set of facts is that the English-speaking countries with strict gun laws and otherwise similar laws to the USA (Canada, the UK and Australia) in fact have substantially fewer problems with armed drug cartels. It’s not clear that the gun laws are (fully or partially) responsible, but the suggestion is strong. By ignoring such evidence in our debates we run the risk of looking both narrow minded and ill informed.

    1. Comparing crime statistics from one country to the next rarely gives an accurate picture. They may be English speaking, but there are significant cultural differences, along with differences in geography that affect access, and differences in overall criminal law, that have to be taken into account when comparing numbers. They also don’t track crimes the same way (e.g., (f)GB, where crime statistics are compiled based on convictions rather than reports – a man can have his head cut off and a note reading “I murdered him. Mr. X. Hahahahahaha!” pinned to his chest with a dagger, and it wouldn’t be counted as a murder if they never figure out who Mr. X is).

      But mainly there’s a simple logical fallacy in the belief that banning easily made things will keep them out of the hands of people who make their fortunes by manufacturing and smuggling easily made things that are banned.

  2. Check out the Clint Eastwood/Shirley McClain movie from 1970 “Two Mules for Sister Sara.” Probably the only American western ever made on the subject; not a bad film.

  3. I’m sure strict gun control in the US would keep weapons from getting to drug cartels in South America, the same way that strict drug laws keep cocaine from getting to the US.

    1. Agreed. : )

      If the federal government wanted to stop supplying firearms to the cartels, they could start by stopping sanctioned arms sales to countries like Guatemala & El Salvador, where the gangs use the military supply depots like all-night 7-11s to fill up their weapons orders.

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