A Border Crackdown?

New York Times says “At Last,” as if they have been in favor of securing the border all along. First, this measure will do nothing at all to disarm drug cartels. It will do nothing to interfere with guns being trafficked along the border any more than the laws against drugs interfere with drugs being trafficked. What it will do is create a lot of new paperwork the ATF will have to hire more people and get larger budgets from Congress to keep track of. Some bureaucrats will get better offices, and get to generally enhance their kingdoms.

Anyone who thinks you can disarm drug cartels is either crazy, a fool, or some combination of the two.

2 thoughts on “A Border Crackdown?”

  1. When I read that article, and in consideration of the title … it struck me as almost comical, coming from the NYT. Their credibility is lost on me.

  2. […] the Obama administration is finally stepping up the fight against the easy movement of illegal guns across the United States’ border with Mexico and into the hands of violent drug cartels.

    Ignoring everything else wrong with that sentence (which is really all of it), and the misleading headline, the fact is that is impossible to stop any flow of “illegal guns” across the border without actually securing the border – which means also stopping the flow of illegal immigrants across the border. If you can’t stop people from crossing then you’ll never stop anything else that a person can carry from crossing. If you can’t keep people from coming in, then you can’t keep them from going out.

    These people see the Mexican civil war is nothing more than another avenue to pursue a gun ban here. First it will be tracking sales, and when that doesn’t work it will be registration, and then progressively more restrictive bans.

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