Constitutional Carry on the Move

Iowa is looking at a Constitutional Carry bill. This has been tried before in Iowa and failed, but it’s good to see it being tried again. Constitutional Carry is also coming up in Maine, where a lot of Democrats seem to be unhappy about it. NRA has more details about the bill, LD222. Maine was one of the states I was worried about post-Sandy Hook, so it’s encouraging to see this. Upper New England would seem to still be pro-gun culturally.

10 thoughts on “Constitutional Carry on the Move”

  1. Unfortunately the Maine bill failed to pass.

    Still its good to see these bills come up even when they don’t pass as it gets people talking and thinking about them, and like the National Reciprocity bill, they keep getting a little more support each time.

    1. There’s also the Overton Window effect.

      With Con Carry being a “reach” position, Shall Issue becomes the “default” position.

      If I recall that played a part in the Illinois carry bill.

      What does help is that Shall Issue has become normal and the national standard.

  2. Constitutional carry bills seems to pop up regularly all over the country.

    If you were to place a bet on the next state to get it through, who would you put your money on?

    1. New Hampshire. No training requirement, no photograph or fingerprints needed, $10 for residents, OC is already legal without permits, and processing time is generally within a week.

      All this and New Hampshire has a HUGE Libertarian population, it seems very possible.

      1. That’s an interesting guess. I was thinking another rural state in the south or midwest. Two New England states going Constitutional Carry would give the antis heartburn.

  3. Our bill in Ohio is being held up in committee. We are having petition drives trying to get the puss head to bring the bill up for a vote.

  4. I would like to see Constitutional Carry laws mention that the right to carry falls explicitly under the 9th and 10th amendments. Establish that the US Constitution protects the right, and it will be harder to strip away in the future.

  5. I was sad that constitutional cary didn’t get added to the Maine bill. The good part is that the bill, as it stands, will make all the concealed cary info private and keep the newspapers from publishing all that info, as the Bangor Daily News tried to do last year, on the heals of the same happening in NY.

  6. I live in Alaska where Constitutional Carry for handguns was implemented in 2003. The results have been mainly reducing the angst of law abiding citizens when they do carry. Police officers see little difference. As it turns out, the average person is much more trustworthy and responsible than you may imagine. Also you get a odd fuzzy feeling that your fellow citizen has your back even if you do not carry.

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