Polling on Zimmerman Case

Ann Althouse: “Thank you, 52% of America.” Maybe we need “We are the 52%” t-shirts, since hoodies are now the exclusive realm of the left.

Jennifer Granholm “Forgets” Her Past Legislative Achievements to Become a Liberal Darling

Jennifer Granholm has decided that attacking NRA and siding with Media Matters is the way to win viewers to her new show on Al Gore’s Current.

NRA admits to helping draft #StandYourGround law. Are you surprised? via @MMFA @GranholmTWR #TheWarRoom

I guess she presumes they will just lap up everything she has to say without question. So far, it seems to be working. Only pro-gun folks have caught on to the fact that Governor Jennifer Granholm gladly signed six bills to make Michigan’s castle doctrine and stand your ground laws stronger. From July 20, 2006:

Today Governor Jennifer Granholm signed into law a package of six self-defense bills backed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), bringing “Castle Doctrine” protections to law-abiding Michigan citizens. …

The six-bill Castle Doctrine Package passed with bi-partisan, supermajority support in both houses of the Michigan legislature:

  • SB 1046, sponsored by Sen. Alan Cropsey, outlines rebuttal presumptions for justified use of self-defense. The bill makes it clear that there is no “duty to retreat” if a person is in a place where they have a legal right to be.
  • SB 1185, sponsored by Sen. Ron Jelinek, allows for the award of court and attorney fees in civil cases where it was determined a person acted in accordance with the Self Defense Act and where civil immunities apply.
  • HB 5548, sponsored by Rep. Tim Moore, gives civil immunities to persons acting in accordance with the Self Defense Act, preventing criminals and their families from suing law-abiding citizens.
  • HB 5153, sponsored by Rep. Leslie Mortimer, puts the burden of proof on the prosecutor to show that a person acted unlawfully in the application of force, rather than the person using the force having to prove they acted lawfully.
  • HB 5142, sponsored by Rep. Tom Casperson, expands the definition of “dwelling” to include a person’s garage, barn, backyard, etc.
  • HB 5143, sponsored by Rep. Rick Jones, creates the Self Defense Act and specifies that it is not a crime to use force or deadly force to defend oneself if that person is not breaking any laws when defensive force was used. The person must be facing imminent threat of death or great bodily harm.

I guess she doesn’t want to highlight her record working with law-abiding gun owners and instead is embracing darlings of the left like Media Matters and their leaders who have been accused of carrying firearms illegally. (h/t @graycpeterson)

Quote of the Day

From Tam, on a preteen birthday party gone sour:

I do know that they take money out of your paycheck for 911 services, and dialing that number will cause a guy dripping with qualified immunity to show up and pepper spray the preteen birthday party, so us bloggers can rake him over the coals for it.

Along the lines of what I blogged about earlier today. We live in a hysterical media-driven society largely devoid of civic virtue. Best to keep that in mind when carrying to defend life.

Gun Blogging Advice

From Caleb, part 3 of a series. My advice is that if you want to be a gun blogger, to go have your head examined first, because you have to be crazy to do this :)

Guns in Church

Bah… who needs one?

New Happenings in the Zimmerman Case

Extrano’s Alley takes a look at the new facts that have emerged, and Joe Huffman has just one question about the case. I think at this point we’re running out of new facts and revelations.  Thanks to overreach on the part of insurrectionist militias and celebrity assholes, I think this case is jumping the shark. I think a lot of gun people, who were initially quite hostile toward Zimmerman, and feeling a bit sheepish as the facts are coming out. I wouldn’t feel too bad, personally, because that initial reaction occurred because he broke one of the cardinal rules of lawful concealed carry, which is to practice avoidance and not to go looking for trouble. I think when mistakes like that are made out of the gate, that leads to a shooting, that shooting is naturally going to garner less sympathy from our community, and we’re less willing to give someone the benefit of doubt on other facts. If anything, this shows the importance of engaging in good practices while carrying.

I carry a gun to protect me and those I love. I don’t carry a gun to protect you, my neighborhood, or society as a whole. I realize this makes me a poor sheepdog, and I don’t care. I don’t get paid to be a sheepdog, and for better or worse society looks down on people being sheepdogs who don’t get paid for the duty. I’m willing to be a good witness, I’m willing to call police, and hell, in a rare, outstandingly clear circumstance, I might decide to intervene directly.

As much as I wish we lived in a society where looking out for each other in that manner was socially acceptable, the fact of the matter is that it often isn’t, and I’m not rolling those dice for you. If I end up using deadly force to save someone from an attacker, the potential six figure trial is on me. Not the state, and not the person saved. Hell, how do I know the person I’m saving isn’t one of these self-loathing types that’d rather be a victim than have to live with being connected to a justifiable homicide. You know, someone who can assuage that guilt by blaming the person who killed to save them. If you don’t think those types exist, you’ll believe it when they’re testifying for the prosecution at your trial.

George Zimmerman’s concern for his neighborhood was commendable, but he doesn’t owe anyone what he’s going through now. Ultimately his neighbors didn’t care enough to get involved, and some of them are active in the movement to lynch him before he’s even had a fair trial. Unfortunately, in a society where no one is responsible for themselves, their actions, or really anything, this is what we reap. We don’t live in a society where civic responsibility is commended, nor do we live in a society where the civilly responsible are given the benefit of doubt.

I am not a fan of utter passivity, like the kind that happened when Zimmerman was screaming for help. The fact that no one responded, save one person who called the police immediately and took a look to be a witness, is lamentable. But no one owes their neighbors what Zimmerman is going though. And for what? To rid the neighborhood of suspicious looking people? I’m definitely not saying I’d never intervene to save a neighbor, but I am definitely saying if you’re going to do that, you better make sure the crime matches the stakes, otherwise, I’m not looking to be anyone’s sheepdog save me and mine.

UPDATE: Today’s update from Extrano’s Alley.

Huttarees Cleared

Looks like the feds didn’t have much of a case. Now that they have the most serious charges dismissed, they really need to find a better name for their militia group. Huttarees make me think of intergalactic criminals who zip around the desert on giant sail barges and feed their enemies to the Sarlacc.

The judge seems to have ruled that talking big doesn’t amount to a seditious conspiracy. Seems there’s a fine line between free speech and seditious conspiracy, and the judge thought this fell on the other side of the line.

The Perfect Wookie Suit

I consider this to be the perfect Wookie Suit for those like me, who are, at best, half suiters… and generally not prone to go full Wookie.

Shoot First

One of the obnoxious sayings our opponents have come with is classifying “Stand your Ground” or “Castle Doctrine” as “Shoot First, and ask questions later.” This idea is to laughable to anyone with half a clue about how the legal system works. It makes you wonder if they think people don’t stop for even a few seconds to ponder that. Maybe they don’t think too highly of their followers, and from what I’ve seen of many of them, maybe they shouldn’t.

But what in what legal system are you not judged for your actions after committing some act? It’s not like some guy pulls a knife on you, demands your wallet, and before you can break leather, a judge appears out of the darkness, with twelve angry men and two attorneys in tow, who begin to hear testimony, cross examine witnesses and weigh evidence, then issue a verdict about whether or not you can shoot your attackers.

Any act of self-defense using deadly force is shoot first and ask questions later. Anyone who’s not a moron, or didn’t sleep through civics class in high school, knows that. Do the anti-gun groups really think people are that stupid?


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