Hypocrisy? What Hypocrisy?

Dennis Henigan says we’re being hypocrites, because we say we want to enforce existing laws, but then have Congress cut funding off for ATF to implement long gun reporting. Where to start? First off, the long gun reporting requirement isn’t going to accomplish jack, because even with the information voluntarily provided to ATF by dealers, they apparently lost track of about 2500 firearms, one of which was used to murder a border patrol officer. Secondly, this is not enforcing existing law, this is ATF making up law from whole cloth and implementing it. We’re in favor of using existing laws to lock up violent criminals, we are not in favor of a totalitarian state where bureaucrats get to make up their own law and ignore the limits Congress has placed on their powers.

8 thoughts on “Hypocrisy? What Hypocrisy?”

  1. Henigan’s organized efforts to subvert the Second Amendment should be criminalized. He belongs in prison. Lock him up! Let the law make it so.

  2. The fact that Henigan released his article today, given the CBS coverage on ATF gunwalking yesterday, convinces me that Henigan is incapable of embarrassment. His article is ludicrous in light of yesterday’s news.

  3. What these people mean by “enforcing existing law” – and what that will inevitably become in the hands of prosecutors and law enforcement – is prosecuting anybody who breaks gun laws to the fullest extent. And those people on our side who advocate “enforcing existing law” need to know what it will become.

    The sordid mess where a man is prosecuted for cutting a shotgun barrel an inch too short and faces sentences like those of violent criminals – just as an example – and then be deprived of voting rights and so forth, is not an aberration of the process, it’s what is intended.

    Sure, the illegal rule making is bad, but that’s not the problem.

  4. Yes, enforce existing laws. Don’t make up illegal NEW ones like a long gun registration out of bureaucratic fiat…

  5. Secondly, this is not enforcing existing law, this is ATF making up law from whole cloth a regulation in contradiction of existing law and implementing it.

    Fixed it for you.

  6. It’s pretty amusing seeing you write about Gunrunner without mentioning a certain Threeper’s name, despite him being one of the two people responsible for making this a story.

    You can’t “throw someone off the lifeboat” if you never let him get on board to begin with, I suppose.

    Despite the philosphical issues between you and me, I still visit here daily and have even (gasp!) suggested this blog to others. Yeah, Mike can be a handful, and he hasn’t often passed up a chance to needle you, but credit where’s it has been earned.

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