Shoot First

One of the obnoxious sayings our opponents have come with is classifying “Stand your Ground” or “Castle Doctrine” as “Shoot First, and ask questions later.” This idea is to laughable to anyone with half a clue about how the legal system works. It makes you wonder if they think people don’t stop for even a few seconds to ponder that. Maybe they don’t think too highly of their followers, and from what I’ve seen of many of them, maybe they shouldn’t.

But what in what legal system are you not judged for your actions after committing some act? It’s not like some guy pulls a knife on you, demands your wallet, and before you can break leather, a judge appears out of the darkness, with twelve angry men and two attorneys in tow, who begin to hear testimony, cross examine witnesses and weigh evidence, then issue a verdict about whether or not you can shoot your attackers.

Any act of self-defense using deadly force is shoot first and ask questions later. Anyone who’s not a moron, or didn’t sleep through civics class in high school, knows that. Do the anti-gun groups really think people are that stupid?

7 Responses to “Shoot First”

  1. mikee says:

    Do the anti-gun groups really think people are that stupid?


    Remember, one of their most ardent supporters is famous for thinking, or guessing, that an assault weapon has “a shoulder thing that goes up” as one defining characteristic. And she is an elected office holder.

  2. NukemJim says:

    Yes, unfortunately many of them are that stupid. Not trying to be nasty or derogatory just my experience when discussing the subject with antis. Joe H. is definitely correct about some of the mental syndromes of some antis.


  3. Matthew Carberry says:

    Been patiently and redundantly citing to Alaska’s existing law and to what the proposed “Stand Your Ground” bill will change in our local pinko rag’s online comments pages on the (mis)reporting of the Martin shooting.

    I think it’s having some positive effect, as calm reason usually does for people who are simply ignorant of a subject, not actively opposed to it regardless of the facts.

    Linked to your “Crowdsourcing” post so you may see hits.

  4. Stephen says:


    They truly believe people are that stupid. Looking at the frenzy they’ve managed to stir up over a “white” (latino) man shooting a black “kid” (17 year old suspended from school) before all the facts are in on the case, I fear I’m forced to agree with them. Their supporters ARE stupid.

  5. DirtCrashr says:

    Yes, and they want you to pause long enough questioning your decision for the perp to gain the advantage, so that they can use YOU as the next statistic.

  6. kfg says:

    One word: Projection.

  7. RicksCafe45 says:

    Depends on if they are true believers or cynics. The true believer in gun control is that stupid.

    If they’re a cynic, and they see the operative word in gun-control as CONTROL – then they simply hope everyone is that stupid.