Bloomberg “needs his head examined”

The chairman of the Conservative Party of Madison County, New York seems to know stupid when he sees it:

Let me get this straight. A terrorist bought a car off of Craigslist, fireworks in Pennsylvania, and inflammable fertilizer, parked his dud-car-bomb in Times Square, got onto an international flight, and was only caught at the last minute as the plane was taxing to the runway. Mayor Bloomberg’s solution to this is to call for stricter gun-control laws?

Mayor Bloomberg needs his head examined. If he somehow thinks gun-control laws will prevent criminals, much less terrorists, he is sorely mistaken.

You got that straight, but he doesn’t need to have his head examined. Bloomberg knows exactly what he is doing. Crazy maybe, but like a fox. What should amaze folks is that hundreds of mayors across Pennsylvania have signed on to this agenda. I wish I could get dozens of letters like this submitted to papers all across this Commonwealth.

2 thoughts on “Bloomberg “needs his head examined””

  1. Wouldn’t that require a proctologist?

    I do believe so… Bloomy’s twisted like a Klein bottle.

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