Bean Heiress Getting Her Wookie Suit On

L.L. Bean is my favorite clothing store. I am not particularly wrapped up in fashion, as anyone who has ever met me will attest to. I just like the way their clothes fit, and like the flannel lined jeans in the winter. If I order something online in XL Tall, I know what I’m getting will fit me well. Other men’s clothing vendors are becoming like women’s clothing, where shit in the same size from two different vendors doesn’t fit the same way. That’s why I’m happy to see that the Bean family is getting their Wookie Suit on:

He even landed the coveted L.L. Bean endorsement – that’s Linda Lorraine Bean, heiress of the L.L. Bean empire and a lobster roll entrepreneur in her own right. She endorsed Paul on Saturday from her restaurant in the retail outlet mecca of Freeport.

Asked why she wasn’t supporting fellow New Englander Mitt Romney, Ms. Bean said “I’ve always been for Ron Paul”, according to a statement posted on Paul’s campaign web site.

I’m not enough of a Wookie Suiter to support Paul, largely for the same reasons Megan McArdle doesn’t like him, but it’s good knowing I’m not forking over my hard earned clothing dollars to dirty hippies.

4 thoughts on “Bean Heiress Getting Her Wookie Suit On”

  1. Forget the news about Ron Paul in there, I think the most awesome bit is this: “a lobster roll entrepreneur in her own right.”

  2. Awesome. Our family always buys a bunch of LL Bean stuff. Good quality and good customer service.

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