Gun Owners Aren’t Welcome at Church

That’s the attitude of the reverend of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Richmond. He offers up the church which sits across from the Capitol for political use by lobbyists for all sorts of favored causes – unions, healthcare, and gun control. Rev. Wallace Adams-Riley claims that the church is available for just about any lobbyist to use as a headquarters – as long as they aren’t supportive of the Second Amendment. He points out that the one group he would actively turn away is the NRA. One might wonder if he has the same belief about turning away NRA members from his church.

7 thoughts on “Gun Owners Aren’t Welcome at Church”

  1. If it makes you feel better, once the Episcopal Church finishes its slow-motion implosion, they’re going to need to sell the building. Maybe some nice Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, or Evangelicals can buy it for cheap and just use it for Christian-y stuff.

  2. Hi Kimberly Allen with the email address from the church! So what you’re here to say is that he only wants to turn away other gun owners. That’s just great, and very Christian of you folks down there.

  3. So, why does he still have his tax exempt status? Is it just an amazing double standard that if evangelicals endorse Republicans, they get threats from the IRS, but Episcopalians and black churches can host anyone they want? Is there some legal loophole they’re exploiting here?

  4. I was gonna say their tax-exempt status needed some close examination, but Michael beat me to it.

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