Castle Doctrine Hysteria

From the Philly Inquirer:

When Gov. Corbett signed a law June 28 expanding the right to use deadly force outside the home, gun-control proponents predicted every thug would have a new defense to pulling the trigger.

It didn’t take long.

Just eight days after the new “castle doctrine” law took effect, it has been raised in the defense of a North Philadelphia man charged with killing a neighbor over $100 owed in the purchase of a pit bull puppy.

Of course, they are going to raise self-defense, since that’s one of the main defenses used against the charge of murder. That was true before castle doctrine, and it’ll be true after. The way they continue to describe the case, it looks like a pretty run of the mill self defense claim. In this case, Johnson was threatened by several men:

Cruz testified that Jetson Cruz asked Johnson why he threatened Samantha, then shoved him, and that “Lydell pulled a gun from his waist and started shooting.”

That’s likely going to hinge on whether he had a reasonable fear of imminent death or grave injury, rather than a duty to retreat. Multiple attackers against one can be reasonable under certain circumstances. The Inquirer is making mountains out of molehills here. This is a fairly ordinary self-defense claim, and I don’t think Castle Doctrine is likely to pay a big role in it, or a role at all.

4 thoughts on “Castle Doctrine Hysteria”

  1. The story makes it sound as if his motivation for shooting was the $100 owed for a pit bull puppy. Way to “color” the story, Inquirer!

  2. So, there are two things missing from the story. LTCF? Gun legally owned? Time to check out the UJS Portal.

  3. Nothing new. When the expansion of the Castle DSoctrine was instituted in Florida, we had not only the same predictions but a case immediately after where 2 drug dealers shot at each other and missed everybody but a little girl. Media announced that the critters would go free because of the new law. Both critters are now serving a heap of time in prison because Castle Doctrine Does Not Apply To People Engaged In Criminal Activities!
    But you would swear otherwise by what it comes out of the MSM.

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