Jury to Ung: “Not Guilty”

See Above the Law for details as they come, but the Daily News is reporting an acquittal. I’ve often said we don’t have a justice system, we have a legal system. Well, sometimes it’s a justice system, and such was the case here. One of the great legal innovations of English Law was trial by jury, in which the people retain an important check on governmental power. It worked here. This case never should have been brought to trial, but it was, and the system worked. The only unfortunate thing is that Gerald Ung will now be helping make payments on Jack McMahon’s Porsche well into his 40s (I kid, I don’t even know if he has a Porsche, but Ung legal bills are going to be steep).

Ung will also likely need to defend against a civil case, which I’m sure his family will bring forward. It is very important that we pass Castle Doctrine quickly, so that Ung may have a chance of enjoying the civil immunities the bill brings. If you’d like to donate to his legal defense fund, you can find it here.

18 thoughts on “Jury to Ung: “Not Guilty””

  1. Ung should bring his own civil case against the thugs, and seek recovery of legal fees in the criminal case as damages.

  2. Very good! I feel relief. Maybe we can have a fundraiser for Mr. Ung somewhere in Philly!
    Spring is right around the corner!

  3. I am thrilled to see than Ung has been acquitted. This case never should have gone to trial.

    That gun grabbing idiot Seth Williams should be required to pay Ung’s legal bills.

  4. Awesome! Glad to hear it! Even though I do admit I had my doubts at first, glad to hear he apparently is off the “hook”.

    Kind of makes up for the BS that is starting with PA St, Senator Washington with Greenleaf’s backing but not entirely.

    Great news though!

  5. This is just another case, in a long line, where the DA bungles things. This is a case where Ung should never have been charged. At the same time, the DA is dropping cases against career thugs and putting them back on the streets to do more harm.

    The outcome here was the best the could have happened. But, Ung should never have been forced to see the inside of a courtroom as his actions were totally justified. Now I wonder if he’ll get his LTCF back from the PPD?

  6. How would a potential civil suit work with Castle Doctrine? Say DiDonato brings a civil suit against him next month, and the legislature passes the new Castle Doctrine the next week–would that moot the case? Or is there some kind of timeline where the law wouldn’t be applied retroactively to protect Ung from the civil suit because it was passed after the civil suit was initiated?

    Also, in addition to the financial hardships of having to defend himself in court (and potentially a second time on top of that), has Ung been rotting in a Philly prison somewhere for the last year, or has he at least been out on bail?

  7. Seems like he could get a couple of libel cases going, although I don’t know if any of the liars have deep pockets.

    His team might possibly appreciate screen capturing and forwarding of stories, posts and accusations that will soon be disappearing down the memory hole.

  8. I think I would rather just get killed than have to go through all the bullshit G. Ung just did (with more to follow, I’m sure…)

    Someone should sell CCW insurance, to help cover the legal expenses in cases like this!

  9. In Washington state the state would now have to pay his legal bills.

    It should work that way in every state. I wonder if he still has to pay court costs in addition to his legal fees, and how much they amount to since it was a jury trial? (Probably pocket change compared to his attorney’s fees, but still…)

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