Huttarees Cleared

Looks like the feds didn’t have much of a case. Now that they have the most serious charges dismissed, they really need to find a better name for their militia group. Huttarees make me think of intergalactic criminals who zip around the desert on giant sail barges and feed their enemies to the Sarlacc.

The judge seems to have ruled that talking big doesn’t amount to a seditious conspiracy. Seems there’s a fine line between free speech and seditious conspiracy, and the judge thought this fell on the other side of the line.

One Response to “Huttarees Cleared”

  1. Alpheus says:

    As wacky as I thought those guys were, I’m sort-of glad they were cleared. I find the idea of FBI agents encouraging people towards terrorist attacks, so they could prosecute them for doing so, rather creepy.

    It’s one thing to find someone attempting to do something, and then “play along” until you can catch them…it’s different if you join a group, and then try to egg them on towards something illegal.