Flower Pictures

If Professor Althouse can post beautiful pictures of flowers, then so can I:

Except Bitter’s camera doesn’t quite have the focus, and I don’t quite have the eye, that Ann Althouse has.

The image “http://www.pagunblog.com/blogpics/flowers2.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
I thought the poppies turned out kind of nice though.  I’m assuming these are garden poppies, or something, and not the kind you grow to make heroin.

These were our pictures from our weekend at Montecello.  Jefferson was quoted as saying “to be independent for the comforts of life, we must fabricate them ourselves”, which sounds like he had a bit of a survivalist streak in him.   I’m pretty sure this statement, combined with the fact that he was a strong believer in constitutional rights, and that his estate is growing poppies, would surely make him a terrorist in the eyes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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  1. … I’m surprised you included that link to a page created by our friends in Harrisburg, and did not give it its own big bold “WTF” heading. Of course, maybe I just shouldn’t be surprised.

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