Jennifer Granholm “Forgets” Her Past Legislative Achievements to Become a Liberal Darling

Jennifer Granholm has decided that attacking NRA and siding with Media Matters is the way to win viewers to her new show on Al Gore’s Current.

NRA admits to helping draft #StandYourGround law. Are you surprised? via @MMFA @GranholmTWR #TheWarRoom

I guess she presumes they will just lap up everything she has to say without question. So far, it seems to be working. Only pro-gun folks have caught on to the fact that Governor Jennifer Granholm gladly signed six bills to make Michigan’s castle doctrine and stand your ground laws stronger. From July 20, 2006:

Today Governor Jennifer Granholm signed into law a package of six self-defense bills backed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), bringing “Castle Doctrine” protections to law-abiding Michigan citizens. …

The six-bill Castle Doctrine Package passed with bi-partisan, supermajority support in both houses of the Michigan legislature:

  • SB 1046, sponsored by Sen. Alan Cropsey, outlines rebuttal presumptions for justified use of self-defense. The bill makes it clear that there is no “duty to retreat” if a person is in a place where they have a legal right to be.
  • SB 1185, sponsored by Sen. Ron Jelinek, allows for the award of court and attorney fees in civil cases where it was determined a person acted in accordance with the Self Defense Act and where civil immunities apply.
  • HB 5548, sponsored by Rep. Tim Moore, gives civil immunities to persons acting in accordance with the Self Defense Act, preventing criminals and their families from suing law-abiding citizens.
  • HB 5153, sponsored by Rep. Leslie Mortimer, puts the burden of proof on the prosecutor to show that a person acted unlawfully in the application of force, rather than the person using the force having to prove they acted lawfully.
  • HB 5142, sponsored by Rep. Tom Casperson, expands the definition of “dwelling” to include a person’s garage, barn, backyard, etc.
  • HB 5143, sponsored by Rep. Rick Jones, creates the Self Defense Act and specifies that it is not a crime to use force or deadly force to defend oneself if that person is not breaking any laws when defensive force was used. The person must be facing imminent threat of death or great bodily harm.

I guess she doesn’t want to highlight her record working with law-abiding gun owners and instead is embracing darlings of the left like Media Matters and their leaders who have been accused of carrying firearms illegally. (h/t @graycpeterson)

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  1. I’m so glad we got rid of her Canuckistani ass. She basically was asleep at the wheel as the state imploded.

  2. So what happens when you counter by pointing out who helped draft the 1968 Gun Control Act?

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