Time for a new category titled “Things I Don’t Understand”, where I chronicle things that just have never made sense to me. The first one is why so many people on the left hate Ann Althouse, and make a regular point of harassing her.

Prof. Althouse has always struck me as being gracious and amiable, and about as far away as one can get from being an left/right ideologue. So why does the left want to crucify her so? Seriously, if you hate Ann, you should hate me a lot more, because I’m more right-of-center than Ann is, but I’ll bet I couldn’t attract a fraction of the wrath she does. Why? That’s something I don’t understand.

I think the people running around out there trying to cause trouble for Prof Althouse need to a) get lives, and b) take a long hard look at yourself, because you’ve become as estranged from reality as Paris Hilton is from chastity.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Althouse”

  1. Lefties pretty much hate all female conservatives, because the left is supposed to “support women” and any woman who doesn’t get that is a sex traitor. Same thing goes for black conservatives (“Uncle Toms.”)

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