A Dangerous Offer

The Arizona Rifleman is offering to tumble brass for the cost of shipping.  I could keep his tumbler busy for a while with what I’ve collected.  I will make a similar offer, except I get to keep the brass when I’m done :)

NRA National Indoor Championships

Looks like a number of Pennsylvania teams and shooters did quite well.

Have They Lost Their Mind?

The City of Philadelphia is talking about digging up I95 from the Ben Franklin Bridge down to the airport… and replacing it with?  Nothing:

“The question we should be asking right now is: Do we rebuild I-95 as is, or do we rethink the whole thing?” said Harris Steinberg, who runs the nonprofit consulting firm PennPraxis, which developed a waterfront policy for the city in 2007. The Obama administration’s interest in urban areas, he said, “has given the city a license to do something bold.”

Actually, what Hack and Steinberg envision is less a Big Dig than a No Dig.

Instead of burying the highway in an expensive tunnel, they would entirely rip out a stretch of I-95 that runs south of the Ben Franklin Bridge and I-676. Traffic volume drops off there, proponents argue, because the bulk of the highway’s users are commuting into Center City from the north. Airport travelers, they point out, can take I-676 to I-76.

I think we probably ought to take all these “Urban Planners” and launch them into the sun.  And once you have this delightful waterfront, what then?   The Rainbow Farting Unicorns are going prance along and suddenly Philadelphia will renew itself?   No.  It won’t.  It’s a crappy place to live, and a crappy place to do business or spend money.  Fixing that is easier, and will do a lot more to revitalize the city than any crazy notion that if we just jackhammer enough highway, and inconvenience enough people, prosperity will return.   If I were paying taxes to that city, I’d be furious they are wasting time and money on this nonsense.  The Underpants Gnomes would be proud.

UPDATE: Here’s the section of highway they are talking about digging up.  I wonder how UPS, the City’s 12th largest employer, who’s east coast hub is Philadelphia International Airport, will think about this.  Oh, but who cares about working class stiffs with jobs when yuppees want a better view of the waterfront.

Bob Barr Speaks the Truth

Bob Barr cuts through the rhetoric about Lautenberg’s civil rights destroying bill that would deny folks on the terror watch list their Second Amendment rights.  I’m glad he’s using his MSM soap box to get the truth out there.  I suspect even Americans who aren’t gun people would be more than a little disturbed about the idea of the government limiting constitutional rights based on secret lists.

God Bless Him

An Ohio man decides he’s had enough of high taxes on Tobacco.  So he’s growing his own.  No doubt anti-smoking activists will work furiously to close this “loophole.”

Best Metaphor for Sotomayor Yet

From Billll in the comments:

I view her like the VC in the rice paddy at the end of the runway. We knew he was there, and we knew he was shooting at our planes as they took off, but since he had never hit one, we left him there as his replacement might prove to be a better shot.

Now Mitch McConnell is saying that they need more time before the vote, since they just dug up a whole bunch of new information on Sotomayor.  I think NRA’s caution about what position to take on Sotomayor is prudent, considering we don’t know what else is going to come out.

Obamamercial Ratings Low

Jennifer reports that the Obama Infomercial on ABC was “Like Porn Without The Viewers.” Because apparently no one watched.

Iran Seizes British Embassy Officials

This kind of thing is very serious.  What will the British do?  It’s pretty clear Obama is not willing to stand up to these cretins who run Iran, and will readily abandon close allies in order to make a deal with the regime.  What Europe is witnessing is a taste of what is to come if the United States withdraws from the world stage.

Europe is on its own.  I hate that it’s that way, but hey, hope and change has come.

A Modern Militia Act

The Defensive Handgun blog takes down a notion floated by the CSGV that we could disarm everyone by drafting all American citizens into a new, federal militia.  I think the supremely ironic thing about this proposal is that it is exactly what the anti-federalist were afraid of — that if the national government had plenary power over the militia, they could use that power to disarm the militia.  The federalists, namely James Madison, chose to deal with this concern by recognizing, through the Second Amendment, that the people had the right to keep and bear arms.  I think it’s amusing that the gun banners just came up with a scheme that was the reason the Second Amendment exists in the first place.

Gun Blogger Rendevous Looking Good

Mr. Completely has a pretty good slate up for this fall.  Between Alan Gura, Mark Knapp, NSSF, and the two guns, wait no, three guns.  Whether I make it out will depend entirely on the job situation, and even now it’s still a bit early to tell.  But it’s shaping up to be the best GBR out of the four, so I hope we’ll get a lot of folks out there to Reno.

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