Friday Time Waster

Thanks to Ian Argent for finding this great time waster for long car rides. Called “Six Degrees of Queen Victoria,” a game you play by going to a Wikipedia link, and then trying to get to Queen Victoria in six clicks. I’ve tried it on more than a few Wikipedia pages and have made it every time. Here are some examples:

Chick-fil-A to Southern United States (1) to American Civil War (2) to Trent Affair (3) to Queen Victoria (4) WIN!

or how about

Celebuzz to Celebrity Culture (1) to Paparazzi (2) to Europe (3) to United Kingdom (4) to Victorian Era (5) to Victoria (6) WIN!

Of course, you could find someone else who wants to waste time, and take bets on whether they can reduce your number of clicks. For instance, maybe I could have gotten there faster through France, rather than Europe.

25 thoughts on “Friday Time Waster”

  1. That’s a fun game, of course previously I’d played it with Hitler.
    A couple co-workers and I came up with an alternate… Two people click on ‘random page’ and then everyone has to go from one of those random pages to the other. Historical figures are pretty easy (since it’s just a matter of tracing to something which links to them). But, going from say…gene therapy to sonnets written for performances in the key of F minor…that’s a little trickier. :)


  2. You do realize that you said in all seriousness that a parlor game requiring internet access can be played in the car. I love this future we live in.

  3. Anal Bleaching > Hydroquinone > International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) > World War II > British Empire > Queen Victoria (5)

    What do I win? :)

  4. Three clicks here… Starting from a random article…

    You’re a Star -> Ireland (1) -> United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (2) -> Queen Victoria (3)

    Not quite as impressive as getting there from some of the above, but still… :-)

  5. Okay, I’m having way too much fun with not only the naughty words, but also trying to find some of the funniest ways to get to Queen Victoria. Mixing the two goals makes the game much better.

    Bondage -> Safeword -> EuroTrip -> Europe -> British Empire -> Queen Victoria
    Who knew that you could connect Victoria to sexual dominance by way of bad teen comedy?

    Chastity belt -> Austria -> Austrian Empire -> Queen Victoria
    I don’t even know how to make a joke about this one.

    I’m on a mission to find something naughty that can’t be tied to Victoria.

  6. I did Pony Play, but it got spamtrapped; and the verison I did had an extraneous step, since United States has a link to British Empire directly without having to go through English

  7. Back to the drawing board…these comments out-do David Livingstone being my 3-Great Uncle. Victoria Falls and such…

  8. Wow really surprised.

    Happen to be on Mike Muir’s wiki page and decided to give it a try. Was able to grab European right from his page and “Bob’s your Uncle”

    1. I started down the entertainment path, but it turns out one of the first tv shows I put in was partially backed by a British company. I gave up after that.

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