Best Metaphor for Sotomayor Yet

From Billll in the comments:

I view her like the VC in the rice paddy at the end of the runway. We knew he was there, and we knew he was shooting at our planes as they took off, but since he had never hit one, we left him there as his replacement might prove to be a better shot.

Now Mitch McConnell is saying that they need more time before the vote, since they just dug up a whole bunch of new information on Sotomayor.  I think NRA’s caution about what position to take on Sotomayor is prudent, considering we don’t know what else is going to come out.

One thought on “Best Metaphor for Sotomayor Yet”

  1. ….. and we don’t know if the Republicans will put up a real fight, which would include making sure none of the Republicans go off the reservation (again). There is no need fighting her if we don’t have backup.

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