5 thoughts on “Brass Knuckles”

  1. Not only is it a criminal charge in PA, it’s an M1 offense and one that can disqualify you from owning firearms.

  2. The NC Senate passed a bill this session making even plastic or nonmetallic knuckles illegal to possess except on your own property. It was sent to the State House but was referred to committee.

    I’m not sure what would be considered a nonmetallic knuckle but assume that there is some sort of martial arts tool that would fit the bill. The bill was sponsored by one of the leading anti-gunners in the General Assembly. I’m sure some constituent came to her with some horror story about why they need to be outlawed.

  3. There are actually new composite knuckles being made, think glock like plastic construction, to take advantage of how most laws written refer to metal knuckles.

  4. Most states don’t like you concealed carry most types of knives, even with a CHL for firearms.

  5. Metal knuckles, switchblades and gravity knives are the only banned* weapons in AK statute.

    *oversimplification, but effectively so

    Aside from the fact that they were made illegal due to scared white people watching movies; it’s just dumb to control knuckles and “knives that open fast but not perceptibly faster than “legal” ones and are still just a knife when open” when you can carry loaded concealed firearms without a permit.

    Trying to get the Legislature to bring all weapons under the state preemption pursuant to the state RKBA (cities can still have knife carry laws, etc, now), delete teh metal knuckle line and and to remove the distinction between switchblades and gravity knives (that will fit in a pocket anyway) and “ordinary pocket knives”*.

    *allowed in some locations where “deadly” and “dangerous” weapons are not by statute

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