5 thoughts on “God Bless Him”

  1. The often just-plain-evil Supreme Court ruled that this was “Interstate Commerce” back in 1942 case Wickard V. Filburn. While there’s no arguing that he has the right to do this, the Federal Government will probably rule that it is illegal and subject to Federal regulation, even though he has no intention of selling it because of this horribly unjust and all together wrongly decided case.

    Somebody should propose and amendment to have the Interstate Commerce clause removed from the Constitution entirely.

  2. Recently (like yesterday) while listening to a radio show about gardening, (I think buzz from the author of “Wicked Plants” that Insty blogged), the author-interviewee talked about tobacco – and how nicotine makes the leaves so sticky you can get a (sometimes dangerous) contact high from just brushing up against them. Gnarly stuff at any rate, even before you smoke or chew it – can’t stand chew. Bleh.

  3. I remember when I was a kid in Southern Ohio, tobacco fields and barns were everywhere. There was a tobacco barn right next to our elementary school and we would watch them bring it in and hang it. The last tobacco field I saw was when I was driving in a real remote area of Adams County about 1993-94. Last time I was through there, that same field had soybeans.

  4. Out of all of the different crops my family grew when i was a youngster, tobacco was probably second in terms of being unpleasent to be around. I’d rate tomato plants as the worst. Mostly it was the pesticides that they were sprayed with that got to me.

    And the first commenter hit the nail on the head. The commerce clause will be the undoing of us all.

  5. The Fedthugs won’t even have to raid his property. Wait until he’s at work, then use an aerial sprayer with 2-4D, and, voila! Dead crop! And don’t think they’re not aware of him, or that they haven’t thought of this.

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