What About Cowboy Action Shooters?

The past month has brought the issue of hunting and gun rights to the forefront, but I saw some folks while traveling through Oklahoma that reminded me of another part of the shooting community that’s growing rapidly:


Sandy and James Duke of the Oklahoma Gunslingers. Just strangers passing on the highway, but given the number of NRA and other related stickers I ran across on the trip, there are quite a lot of shooters out there, at least traveling between Texas and Pennsylvania. So if Sandy and James Duke, or any of their fans manage to come across this… I’d like to say Howdy to the Cowboy Action Shooters from the Black Rifle Shooters.

Anyone have any idea whether the Cowboy Action Shooter community is involved with RKBA or not? I’d hate to think there’s a growing shooting community out there that we’re not reaching.

2 thoughts on “What About Cowboy Action Shooters?”

  1. From what I’ve seen, there are some that are involved. I am not involved in their stuff, so I can’t say for sure. I just know that there are only a few that I’ve met through traditional RKBA efforts.

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